Windsor Preparatory High School Overview

Windsor Preparatory High School is a state-approved, non-profit private school for classified students who exhibit learning, behavioral, and attentional disorders and require a therapeutic environment to address their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.

Windsor Prep provides a quality education which allows students to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges through innovation programs, focusing on college or career readiness. It is our belief that every student, despite a history of behavioral or learning difficulties, wants acceptance, academic success and positive peer relationships. Our challenge is finding the key that unlocks the individual potential of each student in a warm, nurturing environment which encourages the potential to flourish.

Our primary goal is to improve academic achievement and the social functioning of each child with successful reintegration into the public schools as an ultimate objective. This is accomplished through a system of positive reinforcement coupled with a standards-based curriculum. We provide the means to build academic achievement and self-esteem in students with a history of underachievement in school, enabling them to learn and thrive in ways they never thought possible.

Students are encouraged to enter post-secondary programs. Many Windsor graduates are now enrolled in college or advanced technical and vocational programs.

Certified teachers and classroom assistants support the individual needs of each student in a nurturing, caring environment with a low student-staff ratio. Class sizes are limited to 12 students and each class has a minimum of two assistants. Weekly communication by phone is provided to every parent by the child’s classroom teacher.

Windsor Prep offers diverse academics programs, clinical services, a structured behavioral management system, athletics as well as a plethora of extracurricular activities. At Windsor we strive to give students an opportunity to explore their interests and talents, while learning the fundamentals of teamwork and discipline.

Behavior modification is realized by stressing the rewards of academic diligence and good conduct. A student ranking system, with graduated privileges including athletic, extracurricular, and community service activities, allows students to develop a positive awareness of responsibility and achievement.

The Windsor Schools are approved by the NJ Department of Education as a Private School for Students With Disabilities.  Special needs education and related services must be provided to children with disabilities at private schools consistent with state and federal law.  We must comply with all laws, both state and federal, just like public schools.

Windsor Prep will be on remote learning until further notice