Success Stories

Javier, a student at Windsor Prep High School, was reading at a kindergarten level in September of his tenth grade year. Embarrassed by his years of failure, Javier wanted nothing more but to learn to read.

Javier, a dyslexic, needed to learn how to break the code and unlock words for him to make progress. Fortunately, Javier reaped the benefits of our dual reading curriculum and specialized instructional methodologies provided by our trained staff. To address Javier’s deficits in phonological processing, Javier received remediation by a trained teacher using an Orton-Gillingham based program, The Sonday System. In addition, he received daily classroom instruction using a core reading program by Glencoe.

Within months, Javier demonstrated significant growth. He received the Most Improved Reader Award which bolstered his self-esteem. By June, Javier increased his reading skills which motivated him to continue his reading journey. Javier was thrilled with his success and his skills in other academic areas also improved.

Windsor Prep will be on remote learning until further notice