The REACH Program

Reaching for success with the REACH program

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with a comprehensive education that meets each student’s individual learning style while fostering a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, and preparing them for future endeavors beyond high school.


Program Overview

The REACH Program is geared toward students, grades 9-12, who struggle to learn in a traditional classroom setting and is dedicated to educating the whole student. Academic areas are integrated through a functional life skills curriculum and correlate to the Common Core Standards. This differentiated teaching style provides students with the opportunity to develop not only academically, but also enhances their social and employability skills. Through experiential learning and sociolinguistic activities, students are building imperative skills in a variety of academic and social areas.

The REACH Program incorporates Community Based Instruction and Career Development to assist students in preparing for life after graduation. Through Job Sampling within the school building, students will be better prepared for work experiences within the community. In addition, students may be offered the opportunity to participate in a Structured Learning Experience with the support and guidance of an experienced job coach.

Job Sampling Activities

1) Photography
2) Journalism and Production
3) Culinary and Catering Skills
4) Assembly and Production
5) Landscape and Architecture and Design
6) Office Management
7) Marketing and Social Media

For more information, download the REACH flyer.

Structures Learning Experience

1) Maintenance and Janitorial
2) Food Bank
3) Restaurants
4) Salons
5) Retail Stores
6) Hospitals