Program Features

When behavioral issues prohibit your child from functioning in a traditional school setting, we can help.  At Windsor Prep, our primary goal is the improvement of the educational and social functioning of your child, with successful reintegration into the public schools as the ultimate objective.  We accomplish this through a persistent system of positive reinforcement, which benefits every student at Windsor Prep.

In addition to academics, we support our students with a strong, structured behavior modification system, counseling services and parental communication.  We provide the means to build academic achievement and self-esteem in children with a history of under-achievement in school, enabling them to learn and thrive in ways they never thought possible.

Behavior modification is realized by stressing the rewards of academic diligence and good conduct.  A student ranking system, with graduated privileges including athletic, extracurricular, and other community service activities, allows students to develop a positive awareness of responsibility and achievement.