Mission Statement

At Windsor Prep, we provide the educational foundation which allows students to overcome social, academic and emotional challenges, through innovative programs, preparing them for life after high school.

We believe every child, despite their presenting behavior and social background, wants acceptance, achievement, knowledge, and the ability to interact well with others.  Our challenge is finding the key that unlocks the individual potential of each student in a warm, nurturing environment which encourages the potential to flourish.

Windsor Prep Objectives

  • Build a positive self-image for appropriate social interaction
  • Develop understanding of rules as vehicles for success
  • Meet individual student needs with a rich academic program
  • Prepare students for post secondary education
  • Ready students for the working world
  • Heighten social awareness through community and social service
  • Communicate with parents to help educate the whole child

Windsor Prep will be on remote learning until further notice