Career Development

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
The Windsor Preparatory High School Transition Assistance Program is designed to expose students to the many post-secondary opportunities available including employment opportunities and higher education. The program enables students to develop an awareness of the relevant factors to be considered in making career decisions. Students will also assess their own interests and abilities so they are better equipped to plan for the future.

Exploration and Planning
Windsor Preparatory High School utilizes TypeFocus™, a personality assessment tool, that provides information to aid students in making decisions regarding career and college planning. Self-assessment inventories are used to determine interests, values, skills, and environmental preferences. With the guidance of the School Counselor, students connect the self-assessment results with possible colleges and careers.

College and Career Reference Resources
Windsor Preparatory High School maintains a specialized collection of reference materials including occupational descriptions, industry information, test preparation materials, and college and university information. Applications for local and state jobs are available as well as applications for admission to county and state colleges and universities.

School Job Program
Windsor Preparatory High School provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through various occupational positions offered at the school. Students may apply for positions which include: audio and video assistants, clerical assistants, school store associates, special event coordinators, and janitorial assistants. Interested students must complete an application, followed by an interview with the School Counselor. Professional attire is required for this interview. Upon acquiring a position, students must maintain a time sheet to track the number of hours worked.

Presentations Professionals from diverse occupations will present workshops to help students gain insight and exposure to a variety of career options. Presenters will include representatives from colleges, trade schools, law enforcement, fire departments, transportation, and the fields of business and education. Students will be given the opportunity to attend college tours, job fairs, and various seminars and symposiums, which include the following:
• National Disability Mentoring Day
• Dare to Dream student leadership conference
• New Jersey City University Project Mentor Annual Transition Conference
• College Fair at Passaic County Community College
• Project USE annual leadership camping trip
• Middlesex Community College Job Fair
• Youth Transition to Work Seminar

Campus visits and tours include:
— Lincoln Technical Institute
— DeVry University
— New Jersey City University
— Montclair State University
— Passaic County Community College
— William Paterson University
— Fairleigh Dickinson University

Applications and Individual Portfolios
Windsor Preparatory High School’s School Counselor provides individual assistance to students and their families with developing timelines for the completion and submission of various applications and documents. This includes financial aid applications, college applications, and registering with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Upon graduation, students will have completed portfolios that will consist of a transcript, resume, college and job applications, TypeFocus™ assessment results, references, letters of recommendation, and useful websites and telephone numbers.

Related Skills
The Windsor Preparatory High School’s School Counselor conducts weekly counseling sessions with students. During these sessions, the School Counselor assists students with the following:
• SAT registration and testing material
• Resumes
• Interviewing skills
• Self-management skills
• On the job skills
• Communication skills
• Transition from school to work/college
• Job retention

Windsor Prep will be on remote learning until further notice